While working on a presentation for Microsoft's Minority Student Day here in the Columbus office, I came across an annoyance with Configuration Manager 1610 in my lab. The ConfigMan server in the lab is virtual, hosted on Server 2016 in Hyper-V. The VM's OS disk is set to be 128GB and stored on a high speed PCIe SSD (Solid State Disk), but an additional 2TB mechanical disk is assigned to this VM for ConfigMan Content, Images, Packages, etc. This normally works great, but when updating an Operating System Image using Scheduled Updates, Configuration Manager will attempt to do all of the WIM operations in a temporary folder on the disk you installed it on - for many, that will be C:. In my case that's 20+ extra gigabytes I don't want on the SSD. That's a whole bunch of additional write operations, a large amount of data, and a better-suited workload for placement on the rotational disk.